Welcome to Meredith Winter Press

Meredith Winter Press is an independent publishing house, launched in 2011, supporting both new and established writers who seek, through their writing, to inform and inspire. The vision of Meredith Winter Press is unique. We define our purpose not by genre or target audience, but by the unifying theme of high-quality, innovative, and thought-provoking literature. Within this broad scope, however, we specifically seek to publish substantive materials that will advance our readers’ sensibilities – whether intellectually, aesthetically, socio-politically, spiritually, or in some other meaningful way. We appreciate originality and innovation; we wish to open avenues that advance into society our authors’ creative contributions. The Press provides a vehicle and an opportunity for authors of all ages, backgrounds, and levels of experience to advance their passions, interests, concerns, and fantasies through literature.

Meredith Winter Press enthusiastically welcomes and encourage all forms of expression suitable for publication, especially those that take risks or break ground, those that are cutting edge, whimsical, outrageous (appropriately), and/or transformative.

Meredith Winter Press also publishes books and materials by Dr. David Kantor of The Kantor Institute (Cambridge, MA). For more about The Kantor Institute and a complete list of publications and materials, please visit www.kantorinstitute.com